Talk about not waiting for service!

With reporting done by WFAL in North Carolina, A Verizon store was on the receiving end of an unconventional break-in. Charles Hager, a hopeful customer, drove to the store hoping to get his phone fixed. However Mr. Hager was too late. He arrived after the store had closed. But instead of simply going home and returning the next day, Charles decided to take matters into his own hands.

Firstly, he went up to the glass doors and proceeded to kick in the door. But then, with the anger at the boiling point, he got into his car and drove his vehicle into the store! With his car now unable to be driven, Hager had to now sit in the parking lot. Luckily, someone called 911, and police arrived on the scene. With no one injuried thankfully, Charles was charged assault with a deadly weapon and injury to real property.

Technology does make people do weird things doesn't it?

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