It was a heart attack of a game this past weekend between Alabama and LSU. Thankfully we all know how it ended, with another Alabama victory 20-14. However, it seems one person still is trying to provoke Alabama fans.

Once again, you know this person very well. Current and soon to be the former head coach of the LSU Tigers, Ed Orgeron.

During an SEC coaches media conference, Orgeron said the following about his Tigers play in the game:

"I felt we were a better team than them."

Then in regards to the Tide team he played:

"I can’t judge how good they are. They aren’t as good as they were in the past. They might be the best team in the country, I don’t know. But they weren’t that night.”

Oh my goodness. Not as good in the past? What in the world are you talking about?!?

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Doing some quick research shows you are 1-5 against Alabama. How is this Tide team not as good as they were in past?

Alabama has won two championships compared to your one during your tenure. On top of that, what's your current record? 4-5, sitting at the bottom of the SEC West.

At least Alabama's only loss is against a ranked Texas A&M. You've lost to an Unranked UCLA. Thankfully you didn't schedule someone like Purdue this season otherwise you'd be in real trouble.

Also didn't you just apologize for the things you said in 2019? So which one is it Orgeron, Are you just trying to tick off Tide fans or apologize for past transgressions?

You've got to pick a side here. But word of advice, if you want to join Saban's coaching staff in the future, maybe don't insult a program that's beaten you five times.

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