Expect More People On The Road This Summer

Honestly, I can’t believe we are this close to summer.  Memorial Day weekend is THIS weekend.  We are just days away from being in the last half of 2020.  I just can’t really wrap my mind around it.  However, tons of people are accepting that summer is almost here and planning their summer trips.  According to the NY Post, “65% of Americans say they're planning more road trips this year after being cooped up for the last few months.  And 44% have used their time in lockdown to plan at least one trip.”  A good portion of my family and friends have indeed been on a “stay at home” plan, and a few commented that they would like to take a few solo trips or girls-only trips, just to have a break from all of their responsibilities.

Here are the top five summer trips planned according to the NY Post

  1. Visiting family.  49% of people with trips planned said that's one of them.
  1. Trips to landmarks in your own state, or neighboring states, 38%.
  1. Visiting friends, 34%.
  1. Cross-country trips, or places that are more than one state away, 34%.
  1. Trips to the beach or a vacation home, 33%.

I’ll be honest, I’ve made some summer plans, and the NY Post’s #1-#5 are all on my list.

#1 – I would love to be able to visit my family in my home state of Florida.

#2 – I am taking weekend trips to visit all the great places in Alabama.

#3 – I can’t wait to visit my friends all over the U.S.

#4 – I would like to visit a few states away like Louisiana and Texas.

#5 – And of course, no summer is complete without visiting the beaches of Alabama.

I’m just hoping that the coronavirus doesn’t stop any of my plans.

(Source) For more from the NY Post, click here. 

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