Fall Vintage Market In Northport

It's been a little over a year since I moved to Alabama from Florida. There has been plenty of events in the state that I've never heard of. Back in Florida, I would always go to the flea market with my father. We'd go nearly every Saturday and sometimes on Sundays.

I love how we'd always find things like toys for me, the best fruits, and it was perfect for finding throwback toys and items. I never knew there was a whole market dedicated to vintage items!

I was searching on Facebook and came across an event in Northport. It's Tuscaloosa and Northport's only vintage day market.

The market will feature vintage items like vinyl records, furnishings, clothing, and more. 5th Street Vintage Market is over this event set for Sunday, October 4th, 2020 from 10a-4p. Here's what they have posted on the event page on Facebook about the vintage market.


Fall Vintage Market is back! We have missed all of our fabulous vendors and sweet customers! The Market will be a great way to get outside and have some safe socially distanced fun...masks are mandatory and they must cover the nose and mouth (we want to keep everyone safe💕). Make sure to mark you calendar ! During all this down time many of the vendors have had a chance to dig deep and discover some hidden treasures or have had extra time to create. If you are interested in participating shoot us a message on our FB page or Instagram. See you soon!


This might be my first trip to a vintage market and I can't wait!

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