I was having a conversation with a listener last week and we began to discuss how much we valued our iPhone charger cables. If you own an iPhone, then you know how irritating it can be using the short default charger cable. This conversation made me think about all of my iPhone accessories and how much I just love them! lol. Here are my top 5 iPhone accessories.


6-foot Braided USB Charger Cable

It helps so much that this cable is longer than the original cable Apple gives you and it's braided! This means the cable won't become damaged easily. I've been through too many of the regular cables because the wires were exposed!


Airpod Headphones

I could NOT make this list and not have these on it. I workout with these, I talk on the phone with these and sometimes I even do my DJ mixes using these headphones. I'm so thankful for these! I highly reccomend!

Wireless Charging Pad

Somewhere, somebody who owns an Android phone is saying "We were able to wirelessly charge our phones first!" And to that I say....Congratulations! Since we can now access that capability, I'm thankful to be able to use this charging pad. LOL!

Charger and Headphone Jack Splitter

This is like having a Swiss army knife for your iPhone, just without all the extra options lol! I love being able to listen to my music and charge my phone. It kind of sucks that Apple changed the headphone ports on the phones but this tool helps eliminate that issue.

Headphone Jack Adapter

Once again, that new headphone jack is a killer. You could argue that the headphone jack should've remained the same, but I'll just be thankful they sell adapters to help ease my pain. This is always a good tool to have for newer iPhone users.

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