As parents we always suspected (or hoped) it was true, but now a new study says it's true - Kids are actually happier with fewer toys!

The study, Infant Behavior & Development published on found that when children are in an environment with fewer toys, they have a happier, healthier playtime. When toddlers were in the room with fewer toys, they were actively engaged for a longer period of time. Because there were fewer toys from which to choose from, the children used their creative instincts and explored different ways to use the same toy, further developing their cognitive skills.

According to the report from WTVM13, caregivers of the participants in the study said they had an average of at least 90 toys at home for their toddler. The toddlers in the study were age 18-30 months.   During early developmental years, children have short attention spans, which is only made worse when given dozens of toys.  The study found that the more toys they have, the less focused they'll be.

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