Today, Feb 13th, makes one full week into my fatherhood journey and I've been learning non-stop! The lack of sleep, enduring crying babies, learning how to put together cribs and buying the right bottle has all been a huge learning experience.

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I can definitely say, there are some essentials that every father needs when beginning his journey into parenthood. I've put together my top 5 list for every newborn father.


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 Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers

These diapers are so clutch because they have a yellow line on the bottom of them that turns blue when wet that signals your baby needs to be changed.

Nanobebe Breastfeeding Baby Bottles Starter Set

This has been key for me because Nuppy is exclusively breast-fed and it's literally a whole new world. The Nano bottles are round to emulate breast so the baby doesn't get confused or used to only bottle feeding.

Baby Blankets

At first, I only thought we needed 2 blankets, boy was I wrong!! LOL! I'd recommend having 5-7 blankets when you just start out because they come in so handy on a daily basis with infants.

Vibrating Sway Baby Swing W/ Sounds 

The first few days we didn't use this swing and I wondered if it was a waste. After recommendations from listeners, I used the swing and it works WONDERS!! I found out Nuppy loves sounds and movement and the swing has both! It's perfect for helping your baby fall asleep.

Infant Car seat and Stroller 

I didn't even know car seats came in different sizes! lol Make sure your car seat is made for infants and not toddlers as the size recommendations  and weight restrictions are different. It helps to get a car seat and stroller combo as well. You won't regret it.

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