First Female Coach In The Super Bowl

The upcoming Super Bowl LIV will feature a moment in history.  According to USA Today, the offensive assistant coach with the San Francisco 49ers, Katie Sowers, “will be the first female and the first openly LGBT assistant coach to work in a Super Bowl.”

Katie Sowers spent eight years with the Women’s Football Alliance and was on the US Women’s National Football team in 2013.  She has been with the San Francisco 49ers since 2017.   The quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo, spoke about Katie Sower and her contributions to the team.  According to KPIX CBS, Garoppolo said that “Katie was her before I was, but just what she does with the receivers, all the skill positions guys, how she interacts with them.  It’s special.”

I believe this is an extraordinary moment in Football history!  I look forward to cheering on the San Francisco 49ers.

(Source – to read the full story from USA Today, click here.  For the full story from KPIX CBS, click here).

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