The FIS Management Services call center in Northport will close its doors in March, terminating the jobs of 102 employees, according to a notice filed with the Alabama Department of Commerce last month.

The Commerce Department updated its WARN list to reflect the pending closure on January 24th. The posting of the notice is required by the 1988 Worker Adjustment and Retaining Notification Act, which mandates that employers to provide at least two months notice before large-scale layoffs or plant closures.

FIS is a global financial organization and its call center in Northport on 5th Street across from Kentuck Park was once one of the city's largest employers -- according to a 2012 article in the Tuscaloosa News, around 350 people worked there and FIS was set to hire another 100.

Northport Mayor Donna Aaron said Monday night that FIS is now working to consolidate their US call center operations, though, and closing the Northport facility.

According to the WARN list notice, the closure will begin on March 31st and is set to affect 102 employees.

Stay tuned to this site and station for more information on the closure and its impact as it becomes available.

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