I have seen it all now. 

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This is just crazy. It all started with some tests done in South Florida waterways.

The tests on a variety of fish came back positive for drugs.

This is terrible. What happens if they get hooked?


In the early tests, every one of the 93 fish tested had pharmaceuticals in their blood and tissue; sometimes up to 16 different drugs.

Researchers say the pharmaceuticals are being ingested by the fish through human waste.


That is the worst thing I have ever heard.

According to some of the researchers on this odd discovery, here's how it works.

When we take a prescription, the leftover medicine our body doesn’t process comes out when we go to the bathroom.


That waste is sent to water treatment facilities that are not equipped to deal with pharmaceuticals.

Nick Castillo, from Florida International University, just completed a 3-year research project on this and he had this to say (below)

And so it goes. In recent days, tests were done on fish in other areas, including Alabama, with similar results.

It leads to a pretty serious question, especially for those of us that eat fish regularly.


It seems like a reasonable question to me.

Well, according to the EPA website:

Fish taken from polluted waters might be hazardous to your health. Eating fish containing chemical pollutants may cause birth defects, liver damage, cancer, and other serious health problems. Chemical pollutants in water come from many sources.

That answers that. I love seafood but this concerns me.

More on this as soon it becomes available.

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