Imagine you're heading to work at 4 a.m. It's dark and you're on a two-lane highway and then you notice another car approaching you. This car has its headlights on bright and it's absolutely blinding you. What do you do?

Here's another scenario: you're headed down the highway and pass a cop hiding in what appears to be a speed trap. You want to warn other drivers about the potential of getting a massive speeding ticket, so what do you do?

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Do you flash your headlights at the other cars? And if you do, are you breaking the law? The answer may surprise you.

According to Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's Senior Trooper Reginal King, it's not against the law to flash your headlights at another car.

"It’s not illegal to flash," Trooper King said. "I do not recall a law that specifically states that it’s illegal to flash."

That means you're totally within your rights to flash your lights at another car in the state of Alabama. Some leaders in other states even consider your doing so as a protected part of your right to free speech.

Do you flash your lights at others? What do you think when someone flashes lights at you? Share your thoughts using our app chat and let us know.

Thanks to the Townsquare Media team at Quick Country 96.5 for the inspiration for this article!

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