In Alabama, we have to worry about severe weather it feels like year-round.

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One day we can have great weather and the next, we're on alert for possible hurricanes or even tornadoes.

With all the preparation we do, there's still one thing we're most likely not getting ready for because frankly, I don't know how we could.

There is a possibility that Alabama could see a "Gator-nado."

Alligator hiding in the weeds.
Scott Lewis

Yes, you read that correctly.

Alligators raining from the sky and possibly landing on your home.

No this isn't a movie script, this is real life and it has happened before. Not just with alligators but with other animals as well.

There have been a few accounts across the world of animals dropping out of the sky.

Goat looks at us

Back in 2005, strong wind storms were said to have caused thousands of frogs to rain down from the sky according to News 24.

There have been accounts of not just frogs falling from the sky, but worms and fish too.

In 2007, shortly after a waterspout was reported 5 miles from a Louisiana town, worms reportedly fell from the sky according to Tree Hugger.

Pile of earthworms

The worms reportedly came down in slithering, tangled clumps.


Tree Hugger also reported the worst scenario out of all of these if you ask me. Actual alligators were said to fall from the sky back in 1887.

Could you imagine?

The report, which is said to have originated from the New York Times, said that the gentlemen saw as many as eight gators on the ground after apparently being dropped there by a recent waterspout.

We all know that tornadoes aren't uncommon in Alabama. This very well could happen in the Yellowhammer state.

The best thing to do is to be safe, especially during severe weather, and beware of your surroundings. Gatornado could happen in Alabama.

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