Following a weekend of protests against systemic racism and social injustices, the State of Alabama is preparing for the worst. Governor Kay Ivey is said to have authorized Adjutant General Sheryl Gordon to activate the Alabama National Guard should protests turn violent.

Ivey released the following statement:

“While there is no immediate need for us to deploy our Guard, I have given authorization to Adjutant General Sheryl Gordon to be on standby, should our first responders and health care providers need additional support.

“I want to ensure Alabamians that our National Guard stands ready to be part of this team effort to combat this invisible enemy.

“My administration has been given clear instructions to do everything possible to ensure the continuity of government while being flexible and responsible to the needs of our state. I ask for the support of my fellow Alabamians as we work through these challenging days together.”

Many protests have been planned across the country in recent days. Some are said to have begun as peaceful marches and rallies which may have included emotional speeches. However, in some cases, anger has turned into vandalism and looting.

In addition, outside parties are said to have instigated the violence in many cases, sometimes taking on the action themselves to continue to perpetuate the ideology that one group is savage in comparison to others.  So, the possibility of protests turning violent isn’t far fetched.

Guardsmen are said to have been activated in 23 other states already. Source.

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