Jackson, Mississippi is currently facing a horrible water crisis.

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According to ABC News, Jackson, Mississippi residents have a shortage of clean water. ABC News stated that a major pump at the city's main water treatment facility was damaged.

The city's mayor says the current water crisis is a result of years-long issues.

Even Jackson State Unversity Head Football coach and NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders had some concerns about the current water crisis.

The last thing West Alabama can do is sit by and watch the crisis from afar. It's time we step up and help our neighbors over in Mississippi.

The  Black Belt Community Foundation and Greene County Community Associates are collecting water to be donated to residents in Jackson, Mississippi.

Miriam Leftwich, County Coordinator for the Greene County Community Associates has put a plan in place to help our neighbors in Jackson, MS

"After hearing of the shortage on the news, I immediately thought 'We need to do something to help…what if we were in that predicament?'" Miriam said.

"I brainstormed the idea to do a “Water Drive” and presented the plan at the Community Associates monthly meeting."

After getting approval from the Mayor, it's official that the collection site for water is at the Robert H Young Community Center (formally Carver School).

A local trucking company “Stay N On The Move” jumped on board to provide a trailer and will make the delivery to Jackson, Mississippi.
"I’m humbled to take part in the project, for the Associates that I work with and for the efforts of the community," Miriam said.

"I feel like this is what we need to do. Do what is pleasing to God, and help those who are unable to help themselves right now."

Miriam says they're sending out a special plea being made for supplies to the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, School System, Sororities, Fraternities, Businesses & Community Leaders.

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