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Let’s face it; we all have crappy days. Mine was yesterday. Namaste.

When I finally got home, I had a peach cobbler milkshake from Cook Out. While I sipped on this magical creation, I watched the below videos. It gave me a laugh, gave me some comfort, and helped me forget about the weird and awful day.

Puppies make the world go around!

Why do we have crappy days? I believe we hope that people would treat us the same way we would treat them. It’s not always the case.

Honestly, I can’t believe I let so many different people and their behavior affect mine. Typically, I’m pretty good about shutting out distractions. However, yesterday was not the case. A self-care fail.

My cousin Doug always talks about resetting the day. It can help you get the day back on track. Sometimes, I call him, and he allows me to restart the day. I should have done that yesterday.

If you don’t have “that” person to call, head over to these videos to turn your day around. Cats and kittens have so much personality, it is sure fire way to make you smile.

Some other ways, I get out of a crappy day.  Here are some great tips that I use: take a walk, watch a movie, go for a drive, mediate, play Pokémon, drink milkshakes, shop on-line, take a yoga class, give myself a manicure, write down what I am thankful for, update my resume, sit outside, turn off my phone, pull out a coloring book, cook, browse my bucket list, cook, clean, look at old pictures, practice Spanish, and most importantly pray.

Be sure to bookmark this page. You can quickly open it up when you are having a crappy day and turn it right around. Desk Yoga is the best, any day of the week.

Cheers to better days - @MaryKRadio  

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