Headed To The Beach?  Get Ready For The Crowds

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  I don’t know about you, but it certainly does feel very “holiday-ish” to me. BTW, I asked Alexa how to spell it, and this is what she gave me “holiday-ish.”  However, Memorial Day weekend is in line with going to the beach, especially Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Being from Florida and growing up ten minutes away from the beach, I am always ready to head down south to our beautiful beaches.  Honestly, I keep two fold-out chairs, beach umbrella, my swimsuit, sunscreen, water, and two towels in my car at all times during the summer months.  You just never know when an adventure might happen.

I was thinking about heading down to Gulf Shores myself, but I changed my mind.  I’ve opted for a staycation.  According to WBRC, they reported that “Gulf Shores Beach Rescue, approximately 700,000 visitors have visited the beach since May 1 alone, and they have had to step in and educate people about social distancing hundreds of times.  Social distancing rules still apply to the beach, with state guidance recommending people stay six feet apart.”  I am going to let you do the math because it is not my strong suit but according to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism here is how much beachfront there is available “Gulf Shores: 8 miles, Orange Beach: 8 miles, Fort Morgan: 14 miles, Gulf State Park: 2 miles, Total: 32 miles of beachfront.”  So, if you are headed to the beach, get ready for the crowds.

(Source) For the full story from WBRC, click here.  For more details from Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism, click here.

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