There was a time that Black Friday deals actually started on, you know, FRIDAY. Why are more and more stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving? 

I don't get it. I understand the desire to score some sweet deals, but I'd much rather stay at home in my stretchy pants actually eating sweets. Am I crazy?

I also can't shop on Thanksgiving because I feel super guilty about it. In college, I worked as a cashier at a grocery store, and a requirement of my job was to work a shift on Thanksgiving. It was awful. All of my family headed out of state for the holiday, so I came home to an empty house. I don't want that for anyone else.

Thanksgiving is a day set aside for us to think of the blessings in our lives, so it makes no sense to me that we're ending our family dinners early to go out and grab more stuff we don't need. I won't be shopping on Thanksgiving Day this year. If you need me, I'll be in a food coma at my Nana's.

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