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I'm not happy about this in the least.

This fact, about these insects on our faces, has disturbed me non-stop since finding this info last week.

Then, I'm told that if you live in places with high heat and humidity.......hmmmm.....does that sound like Alabama to anyone….you probably have more of these things than most.

States like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida are the kind of places that make our faces a breeding ground for these arachnids.

Why does that matter?

Well, because these mites (that LIVE in and on our faces) feed on oily, sweaty skin.

The oil is what they are stuffing their little insect faces with and when we sweat it causes more of these to get horny. Or, uh, aroused or turned on, I guess.

This is so awful to think about in every way.

Just watch THIS VIDEO for more factual scientific information on these beasts.

Thanks to the BBC for that up-close look at these face mites.

Demodex mites can't be "washed" away or scrubbed out of your pores.

They are simply, far too deep in your hair folicles.

A study done recently, by an entomologist, found that 100% of folks tested had these mites living on their face.

Michelle Trautwein is her name and this is what she found.

These fat, stubby, arachnid little you-know-whats literally sleep during the day and party all night.

After we are in bed, they come out to eat and have sex on our faces.

Great. Now, even the insect on my face is having more sex than I am.

If you have rosacea or eczema you are more likely to attract these face mites.

In addition, if you notice redness, itchiness, scales or flakes of skin or a white sheen on your skin or around your eyelashes you could be INFESTED.

Ok, I am done. That was the worst thing I have ever typed. INFESTED?

Stop it please! So disturbing.

Watch this below.

*Video from Deep Look/YouTube

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