It goes without saying that most experts advise against parents sharing beds with their newborns, but it's also a known fact that many people go against said experts and find themselves in a position where they have to break their children from sleeping in their beds.

In cases of inclement weather, some parents wake up to children who have been awakened by thunder and are afraid to sleep alone. This is often found to be an acceptable time for children to cuddle up next to a parent; but some parents even find this time as completely inexcusable.  They just refuse to have their children in their beds.

Then there are those parents who feel it necessary to always be a comfort to their children, and their beds are never off limits. It doesn't matter if it's a newborn, a teen, or a fully adult daughter (they usually don't do this with their sons), the bedroom door is always open.

What are your thoughts?  Should a parent ever let his or her child sleep with them?  If so, how old is too old?  Are there exceptions to the rule?

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