Hurricane Laura Headed for Texas and Louisiana Coasts

Brief evening update:

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Hurricane Laura, at this time, is headed for the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. Also, the system has the ever-growing possibility to become a major hurricane by the time it makes landfall.  There are significant concerns for Hurricane Laura, which includes the potential for life-threatening storm surge.

At this time, the timeline for Hurricane Laura is still on track to make landfall on late Wednesday or early Thursday.  The movement of Laura across the central Gulf of Mexico is west-northwest with a forecasted turn toward the northwest.  As Laura travels over the Gulf of Mexico, the probability of the system to intensify rapidly is high.

Let’s think positive thoughts for all our family and friends along the coastlines, Louisiana, Texas, and those in the path of Laura.  I will continue to monitor Laura and bring you any updates that are concerning for our listening areas.

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