If Santa Clause Were From Tuscaloosa......

It's Christmas time in West Alabama! The temperature is dropping and there are presents under the tree. But where is Santa Claus actually from?

Ok, so hear me out, I know that traditionally Santa Claus is from the North pole. My question is, has anyone ever been to prove it? What if he's not from the north at all?

I'd like to jog your memory a bit. When was the first time you remember learning about Santa Claus? Growing up, I remember seeing Santa all over the tv, and in school. I kind of learned about Santa through outside sources. It's not that my parents weren't trying to give me a great childhood, but I think they just never were huge fans of Santa when they were growing up.

I never became upset about not having Santa Claus all over the house during the month of December. Not to brag or anything, but when it came to Santa I'd like to think I was mature for my age. I understood that he wasn't real. Or is he?

Now that I'm an adult and living in Alabama, I started to wonder what Santa Claus would be like if he were from Tuscaloosa!

Would he still have long hair? Would he still use reindeer? Most importantly, what would be his favorite sport? I'd like to think of Santa Claus as a diverse person who wouldn't like typical sports. Ok enough with the speculation, let's go ahead and check out the real qualities of the big man if he were from Tuscaloosa.

If Santa Were From TTown

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