Is It Time To Put Up That Christmas Tree?

The weather is changing and December is right around the corner. Isn't the rule after September I can officially put up my Christmas Tree?

This is going to be my family's first Alabama Christmas! For the holiday season, I really want us to do a lot of family things. We plan on having a big Christmas meal, dressing up alike, and taking family photos and all. There is one order of business that needs to be resolved. When do we put up our tree?

I know everyone's family has different traditions when it comes to putting up the tree. Some people won't put up their tree until a full week after Thanksgiving. Others will put their tree up right after Halloween. I even know people that put their tree up as soon as the weather changes. I won't mention any names.

When thinking of this there was only one person I could think of asking. It's someone I knew would lead me to the correct answer...... Oprah!

I mean, think about it. If Oprah doesn't know, she's at least interviewed someone that does. Plus, I trust Oprah's interior decorating skills and opinions. Upon second thought, would Martha Stewart had been a better choice??

After checking out, I decided I could come up with the answer on my own. I also found nothing but a debate about when to put up the tree and that didn't help.

Here it is! Here are my top signs it may be time to put up that tree.

Top Signs That It May Be Time To Put Up The Christmas Tree

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