We've all had those days in life.

It's been a tiring day, and you just want something to eat. You finally decide on McDonald's, and get to the restaurant. You get in line to order your food, and you think "I deserve some kind of ice cream, I've earned it."

You finally get to the point to order, and when you ask for the McFlurry, you hear the words you never want to hear after a taxing day..."Our ice cream machine is broke."

Well the day is officially ruined isn't it?

The reason I bring this up is because I've noticed that I haven't seen a McDonald's ice cream cup or cone in probably forever. It's certainly one of those things that hadn't really crossed my mind. And to be completely transparent I haven't ordered a McFlurry in forever.

What brought about this question? Well as it turns out, the FTC is currently investigating the company for this exact reason. Looks like they got tired of it not working anymore too. It seems other people have noticed is not right with the machines.

Personally, I'd like to imagine one of the customers was actually a commissioner of the FTC. They got denied their ice cream and then right there decided "time to investigate if they're actually broken." And here we are at this point in time.

Thankfully for us in Tuscaloosa, there's an actual way to check and see if the machine is truly broken. Through the wonders of technology came about the website mcbroken.com. This website updates with the status of all the machines in every McDonald's in the nation.

So if you're ever wondering if the machine is ever truly broken, you can check before you try to get your ice cream. Good luck on your quest to get a McFlurry!

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