Is This Real?! A Milo's Sweet Tea Freezy In Alabama! 

Milo's sweet tea is no doubt an Alabama staple. Whoever thought to take this drink to the next level deserves a prize!

So I'm scrolling through my Facebook timeline and I come across a picture of something I didn't even know existed. After looking at the comments, I found that I wasn't the only one in disbelief. In Bessemer, Alabama, they're selling a Milo's Sweet Tea slushie.

I wanted to just write this off as a hoax or a knockoff but the pictures dispel all rumors. The whole machine is covered in "Milo's Famous Sweet Tea" wording with a gallon of the tea pictured on the machine as well. Another picture shows someone who actually purchased the slushie and snapped a quick pic of the slushie inside the "Milo's Freezy" cup.

They say 2021 is off to a crazy start with celebrity news and the recent current events, but many would say this helps ease the pain a little bit. Who would've thought that there would be an official Milo's sweet tea slushie being sold in 2021?

This kind of takes me back to my childhood. I'd love to wait for my mom to finish making her sweet tea just so I could freeze some of it. I would purposely take it out of the freezer and wait about 5 minutes before I started eating it so it would be a sweet tea slushie. It looks like Milo's wants to give everyone that same slushie feeling in a very convenient way.

Would you make the drive to Bessemer for a Milo's Sweet Tea slushie?

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