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Is Tuscaloosa the Least Fit City in Alabama?

The pandemic has made 2020 a challenging year for us all. Everyone jokes about the quarantine 15. But is it real?

I would venture to say YES. I could even be the quarantine 25 or 30. It’s been hard to do any type of exercise in group form. For me, it’s the use of equipment. It takes so much effort now to be safe while exercising

The BarBend has ranked the cities in Alabama on their fitness level. The “fit score” results were based on population, exercise opportunities, physical inactivity, healthy food access, obesity, air pollution, smoking, drinking, and physical distress.

Here is the news; no city in Alabama received a fit score of 100. The highest score went to Mountain Brook with a 76.92. Birmingham came in at #43 with a fit score of  73.23.

As I’m scrolling this list, I’m just praying that Tuscaloosa is somewhere decent on the list. # 60 was Montgomery, #70 was Mobile, #77 was Selma, and Northport came in at #116.

Tuscaloosa came in absolute last! Do you hear me last last! The fit score was 67.72. HOW??????????

Talk about embarrassing. I don’t know about you, but I want a recount. We have so many parks that are always busy with Alabamians walking and enjoying the outdoors.

Could it be the exercise opportunities? The physical inactivity? Do we have access to healthy food? Is it smoking, drinking, and physical distress?

Does anyone have the answers? How do we figure this out? I’m still in shock that we ranked last.

(Source) For more from BarBend, click here.

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