While many today will celebrate Star Wars Day, it's also a not as well known day. It's International Tuba Day, a day to celebrate Tuba Players everywhere!

I played Tuba in the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band for 5 years, and not once did I know there was a day to celebrate us! One of the heaviest instruments to carry, Sousaphones weigh about 40 pounds. That's a lot to put on your left shoulder, but somehow I dealt with it for 5 years...

But the friends I made when I was in the MDB were mainly Tuba players, (was too scared to talk any girls in the flute section to be honest...) and we still keep in touch too. They might actually get in touch with me to call me silly for writing about this day, but some great memories came from marching with MDB.

So in closing, if you happen to see or know a Tuba Player, give them a high five for me. Because I know how rough that instrument can be sometimes.

Attached above is the last MDB Tuba section I was ever part of. I'm the last one on the right. We made some great memories that season. And the best part part is I still talk to most of them. Roll Tide everybody, and Glory, Glory to the Tubas!

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