Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us are enjoying a slower week as the holiday approaches. It's a holiday of remembrance and gathering with family and friends enjoying food and fellowship. However, it isn't always easy getting that food on the table. In walks Tuscaloosa-native and MLB superstar Tim Anderson.

Anderson led the charge with his foundation League of Leaders hosted his 5th consecutive Turkey Drive ahead of Thanksgiving. He donated frozen turkeys and gift bags to families who drove through for an hour at Hillcrest High School accepting the charity from the two-time All-Star.

Anderson had a difficult 2022 season as he battled injuries but he says he's ready for the 2023 season. The Chicago White Sox recently picked up his $12.5m club option for the 2023 season.

The Hillcrest alum has ascended into the stratosphere of baseball superstardom but still remembers his roots, giving away 205 turkeys to his home community. No one left without a turkey as Thanksgiving was made for countless families in the Tuscaloosa area.

Anderson left Hillcrest and enrolled at East Central Community College for two years before being drafted by the Chicago White Sox. He's been with the franchise ever since, working his way up to American League batting champion in 2019. The shortstop is hoping to get his team back to the playoffs in 2023 after missing the season's final six weeks and seeing his team miss the post-season in 2022.

On the goal for Monday afternoon at Hillcrest High School.

"Just giving out 205 turkeys. You know just doing the norm, just giving back to the community, like always. I think this is our fifth year, so it's the fifth annual, but for the most part just taking care of the community like always.

On Anderson's Thanksgiving plans. 

"For the the most part just spending as much time as I can with my family. Just really enjoying being back home. I don't really get much chance to come back but for the most part just soaking up time with the family

On how the Hillcrest alum viewed this past season which he was injured and the White Sox missed the playoffs.  

"It was definitely one of those years. As time keeps going and years keep coming but it's definitely one of those years to learn from and just continue to keep growing and just continuing to try to get better and continue to try to keep proving people wrong.

On how his hand and wrist feels in the early offseason. 

"It feels good. I'm back, full force, swinging and everything and for the most part feeling healthy.

On what Hillcrest High School means to Anderson.

"It means a lot. For me to have graduated so long ago they still allow me to come back here and have my way and do whatever I want as far as giving back to the community. They're always here. As far as with the Turkey Drive they always allow me to come back and do it here. They're really open for whatever ideas I have so it makes it so much easier to come back and give to the community right here

On Anderson's goals in the next phase of his career. 

:"We don't know what's out there. There's so much out there but I can say this, I'm going to dream big and keep working and continue to try to get better and see where that leads me.

Tim Anderson League of Leaders Turkey Drive