I didn't need another reason to detest snakes.

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My friend travels the state of Alabama for his job, and documents all of the crazy encounters he's had with the beasts that slither below us!

He's seen them in gas pumps, toilets (those photos coming soon) and in a rental car.

Yeah, I would want a refund. This takes the cake.

I love dogs. They are the best.

They, however, are not dinner for 'gators, snakes or any other awful creature.

In this case, it was an 11-foot carpet python (not on my carpet) that tried dining on a families pomeranian pooch.

The little doggie, named Ferrari, was owned by Amanda Taylor and it was Amanda that had to save her best friend from the......jaws?....I don't know, of the snake.

The lady was simply walking her three dogs at a local dog park, probably similar to the one coming to Tuscaloosa in 2023.

Taylor told ABC News, "I looked down and I just couldn't believe my eyes. This snake had...just grabbed my little dog on the head...and then just wrapped around him really quickly".

What would you do in a case like that?

Run? Fight? Hit the snake with something?


Yeah, that is probably gonna be the first that happens if I ever encounter this in my lifetime.

In other snake news....


I don't think I can deal with any other snake stories this year.

Wait. It's January isn't it?

This is gonna be a long year. Pray for less snake stories in 2023.

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