FAIL? I hate to fail! How about you?

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Fail is a strong word. Did you know we were all supposed to take this national IQ test?

OK, neither did I.

I didn't get the memo on that.

This is another shot at Alabama and not a surprise at this point.

We have been taking these shots for decades and decades.

Movies, TV, and other media sources have been writing these "Alabamians are so dumb" lines for as long as I have been alive.

You know, comedian Jeff Foxworthy had it absolutely right when he bottom-lined the whole issue years ago.


*Video courtesy of YouTube/Jeff Foxworthy

So, this test that we Alabama folks failed so miserably, was done by the people at

As far as I can tell, these "new scientist" individuals are not even based in the USA.

It looks like they have offices in the States but how much do they really know about us Southerners?


I have found a copy of the IQ test that Alabama performed poorly in, and I think we all need to take this thing.

It is billed as the "world's shortest IQ test".

The test only has three questions. You will get the questions AND the answers below.

First, the state scores look like this:


  • 3. Vermont  103.8
  • 2. Massachusetts 104.2
  • 1. North Dakota 104.3

Ok, those are all cold-weather states and they have nothing to do but stay inside and read stuff. BORING!

We southern peeps have beaches and fun stuff to do. I don't have time for no learnin'!

Come on, MAN.


  • 3. Alabama 95.7
  • 2. Hawaii 95.6
  • 1. Mississippi 94.2

Thank you, Mississippi for keeping us out of last place. Once again you helped us out.

Let's all take this test.

You can find it below:


Let me know how you do.

Alabama has plenty of smart people!

Spoiler Alert, answers below:

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ANSWERS? 5 Cents, 5 minutes and 47 days.

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