As a father, one thing I'm learning to accept is that my parents had a life before me.

Growing up, you only know these adults as your mom or dad, never the person they were before you entered their lives.

Strange enough, I can relate that to teachers.

It's rare that students know what happens in their teachers' lives. It's almost like the actual person "behind the desk" doesn't exist.

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Have you ever seen your teacher or professor outside of the classroom or even on campus?

It's always a shock to see them doing the most normal thing you can't believe they actually go shopping at the store!

Well, I was shocked to find out about this Alabama professor's actual life outside of the classroom.

According to this Tik Tok video, Dr. Amy Bishop was a professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and has an interesting story.

It's said that when Dr. Bishop was just 16, she accidentally shot and killed her brother during an argument with the family rifle inside their home.

gun and bullets on the table
Michal Oska

In the comments of this viral Tik Tok video that has racked up over 2 million views, it's said that Dr. Bishop beat up a lady in a restaurant "because she wanted the booster seat for her kid."  And screamed at her, "I went to Harvard."

The video says that Dr. Amy Bishop was denied tenure at the university and was teaching in her last semester.

One morning, Dr. Bishop taught a few classes and attended a faculty meeting then things immediately turned dark. the Tik Tok video says that Dr. Bishop stood up about 40 minutes into the meeting and pulls out a 9mm gun and begins firing shots around the room ultimately killing three individuals.

Gun pointed isolated on white bakcground
Boris Katsman

This sounds like a scene straight out of the movies.

According to the Tik Tok video, Dr. Bishop denied shooting the gun but ended up being convicted of capital murder.



Have you ever heard of this case before?

After living in Alabama for a few years, I'm shocked that I'm just now hearing about this.

It's scary, to say the least.

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