I've officially crossed over into a new level of fatherhood. I'm officially a dance dad!

Memorial Day weekend, my daughter had her first ever dance recital and I couldn't be more proud of not only her, but all of the kids who worked so hard to put on an amazing show at the Bama Theater.

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A full week of rehearsals led to an amazing show entitled, The Stage Where It Happens.


The Stage Where It Happens is inspired by the Broadway hit musical Hamilton. The show was amazing! If you missed it you missed a treat.


Every last performance was great but as a first time dance dad, there were a few things I wish I knew ahead of time.

I ended up being THE guy to break the rules in the middle of the show. I was so embarrassed when someone came over to me and stopped me from recording the show. "This is a copyrighted show you can't record or take pictures," is what the woman told me as I was smiling ear to ear while recording my daughter on the stage.

I had no idea!! That means I can't show you the cutest moment when she stood on stage looking in the crowd for me and yelling "Daddy," before finally participating in the dance.


I'm also almost positive this message was relayed to parents but as a first time dance dad, I didn't really get all the information needed before the show from my wife.

Which leads me to another thing  wish I'd done better. It was simply knowing the correct information.

So many people came out to support my daughter at her recital and they had plenty of questions before the show.


"What time does it start?...What day is it again??..Which group is she with?"

I'll be sure to know this information when it comes to the next recital.

Overall, I'm proud of my daughter and myself for becoming a dance dad! I'm always looking to gt better. Dance dads of West Alabama, let me know some tips to make next dance season more smooth.

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