In Honor of the 4th Of July , I went out in the Backyard with my Guitar back on July 4, 2016, bearing the 94 Degree heat, and I played a tune that I thought was apropos for the Holiday, "The Star Spangled Banner". (To this day, I still think the final lyrics of our National Anthem are "Play Ball!")

I used to go out in the backyard quite often and record a various Guitar Videos. These days, I simply record them in my radio studio. The reason I stopped doing them outdoors, is because after I finished recording on one occasion, I heard a strange sound coming from behind me. I turned around to look, and when I did, I spotted a Baby Rattlesnake watching me from on top of my fence! At that moment, I decided to record all my Guitar Videos indoors from that point forward.

In any event, here is my rendition of our National Anthem from 2 years ago. I hope you and yours have a Happy & Safe 4th Of July!

Happy 242nd Birthday, America!

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