Suppose COVID-19 numbers were extremely high in your community, and you've done all you can to decrease your likelihood for infection only for officials to place a makeshift hospital in the very complex where you do your normal grocery shopping.  Would that cause any concern for you?

Apparently, that's exactly what some Memphis residents are going through as Tennessee officials have established a backup coronavirus treatment center in a shopping center in the middle of a low-income neighborhood whereas other states are using convention centers, sports facilities, and performance spaces.  Residents near this Memphis center feel as if they're being targeted, suggesting that bringing the virus to their area might be a deliberate attempt to infect them. Full story.

Anybody who's visited Memphis in recent years knows there are a number of other suitable commercial spaces where the treatment center could be housed.

But what about your community? If the rates of infection in the Tuscaloosa area became too much for DCH Regional Medical Center, is there another facility far enough away from the general population to be used as a makeshift hospital without causing alarm?

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