Did you hear what happened up in Athens?

Apparently, a man broke into a woman's house but didn't steal anything. Instead, he made himself breakfast, took a bath, washed his clothes, and then left!

Mary Royster told WAAY-TV that she came home last Tuesday, and found a strange man inside of her home. The man allegedly told her that he wouldn't leave just yet, because he was waiting for his clothes to dry.  Royster told reporters that every drawer in her house had been searched through, and that the intruder had made himself some scrambled eggs in the kitchen, and taken a bath, shaved, and brushed his teeth in the bathroom. In addition, he helped himself to her washing machine and dryer, by doing a little bit of laundry.

31 yer-old Tyler Love was eventually arrested on a charge of burglary. He had been released just last week from Limestone County Jail after serving time for another burglary.

At least the only thing he took this time was a bath :-)

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