Here's something that warms your heart to hear. A man, who's been a regular at a local bakery in Ohio for 50 years, makes a major donation to Tremont Goodie Shop. He ordered one custard donut and payed the cashier $1,000.


According to WBNS TV 10, the man ordered his donut for takeout like usual, and when it was time to pay he offered the large sum of $1,000. Could you imagine the feeling of owning a business in these hard times and someone does this? I'd freak out for sure! Store manager Emilie Smith was so shocked! "At first i couldn't even speak. I started crying, and he asked if it was ok. Of course it's ok! It's just such a blessing." It just so happened that it was the day for Emilie to pay her employees and this huge donation allowed her to do just that. Talk about perfect timing! It's people like this man that re-assures us of the good that still exists in the world.

We encourage you to shop local and stay #TuscaloosaStrong. Check out our list of local businesses you can support!

(Source)- To read the full story on WBNS TV 10 click here.



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