This is a prank that I wouldn't have thought of.

Dale Leeks, a British man, was recently pranked by his girlfriend, Kelly Greaves. While the couple was visiting a horse riding shop, his girlfriend decided to whip him, as a joke. Well now, Dale has to get her back somehow. But how will Leeks pull off the payback? He figured it out, and his prank began on the night he was preparing to go on a date with her.

While preparing for the night out, Dale went onto eBay, and put her up for bid. Dale, wanting to be transparent with the woman he'd been seeing for a year, showed her the ad and they both laughed it off. But while on their date, Dale's phone kept buzzing. The New York Post reports that bids came flowing in from all over the world, all wanting Kelly. Luckily for the couple, eBay shut down the auction, as it violated their terms of service.

Now the main question will Kelly get Dale back after this prank? Has a prank war begun because these two?

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