The way criminals try to steal expensive items never ceases to amaze me.

Taking us to Leesburg, Florida, The Daily Commercial reports a man, by the name of Ryan Penman, and his girlfriend walking into a local Kay Jewelers and began looking at their products. Eventually, Penman and his girlfriend saw something they liked, and decided to "purchase" the item. Going up to the counter, he provided a credit card to receive the 700 dollar earrings. Well things take a turn here.

As it turns out, the credit card was declined and he had to give the earrings back. He did so, and the couple left. But Penman had one more trick up his sleeve. He handed, what he thought, clever fakes to the clerk and left the store. The clerk however wasn't fooled and immediately summoned security. When they couldn't find the earrings in question, they suspected the couple somehow had the jewelry on their person.

Police quickly apprehended the suspects and they were taken to hospital for X-rays. After a while, the test discovered the earring in Penman's stomach. It seems police have some work to do to recover the jewels however...

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