I mean really?

We take you to Salem, New Hampshire. In many malls, they are arcade machines where you can win prizes. But as we all know, sometimes the games are programmed to be difficult. Otherwise known as rigged. One parent decided though the wasn't going to play the game the way it was intended, and did something a normal parent should never do.

The unidentified man, according to WPVI, decided to send his young daughter into the machine. Using the prize drop part of the machine, he instructed his child to grab 2 game consoles. He grabbed his prized that he "won" and proceeded to walk out. But, he might not get to keep those consoles for long. He was recorded in the act, and now police are on the lookout for him.

I mean, come on. Just try to win them normally! I've failed so many times at arcade games but I still played them!

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