Marginal Risk For Severe Weather On Sunday

Sunday, there is the possibility of severe thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon and evening.  Also, the potential for the heat index could reach or exceed 105 degrees.  The marginal risk area covers the Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa radio stations for Sunday.  According to the National Weather Service, the timeline (at the time of this posting) is for Sunday between Noon and 9 pm.  This marginal risk area includes the potential for damaging winds up to 60 mph.  During Sunday, we will deal with unstable air, dew points on the rise, and temperatures in the 90’s for the afternoon along with showers and thunderstorm moving in from the northwest.

We will monitor this weather situation, and will bring you updates as needed.  Also, if any breaking weather news should take place, we do send out alerts through our free radio station apps.  Take time out to download our app today.

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Also, it is most definitely summertime in Alabama.  I mean, it already has been hot but get ready for even hotter temperatures.  On Sunday, there is a good chance that the heat index could reach or exceed 105 degrees.  Personally, I take hot weather scenarios seriously because I believe that with knowledge, heat-related illnesses and deaths can be prevented.  Below are some great hot weather safety tips and heat-related weather terminology you should know about it.

Hot Weather Safety Tips

Heat-Related Weather Terminology

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