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So close your eyes and imagine this scenario.

You are in your boat enjoying a relaxing day of fishing. The sun is shining as you watch your bobber float on the emerald green water surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Hoping to make the catch of the day. You hear your family laughing as they enjoy the day on the lake with you when all of a sudden your wife screams as a 400-pound Eagle Ray attacks your wife.

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Sounds like a sci-fi movie right?

Well, my fellow Alabamians it’s not!

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This past weekend the Jones family was enjoying a deep sea rodeo fishing trip on the waters of the gulf near Dauphin Island Alabama when the sci-fi scenario actually happened.

A massive 400-pound Eagle Ray jumped into their boat and knocked April Jones down.

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She was taken to a local hospital where she suffered from a minor shoulder sprain. This could have been so much worse. The Eagle Ray hit the entire right side of her body, causing the injury.

Her husband Jeremy Jones said that he heard April screaming and things breaking and falling on the boat. At that moment his Grandfather informed him about the Eagle Ray flying into the boat.


The Eagle Ray had to be removed from the boat with the help of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Once the Eagle Ray was removed they found out that she was a mom carrying four pups. She made it back into the water fine but her pups did not survive. Due to the stress of the incident, the mommy Eagle Ray went into early labor and the pups were premature.

April and Jeremy’s son, 8-year-old Gunner did say once the incident was over that he wasn’t afraid.

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The family did get to take some great pictures, which is good because this is a fishing “tail” that otherwise would not be believed if not for the photo evidence.

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