Mercedes Benz U.S. International is one of the largest employers in West Alabama.  Add in its suppliers and affiliates, and a huge portion of our local economy is tied to the operation, which is why it was one of the last to close and will be one of the first to reopen.

Bloomberg Technology reports that the plant, which closed on March 23, will reopen on April 27 and that operations will follow appropriate precautions to prevent infections.

It has not been stated whether all employees will return to work at this time, but cleaning and equipment maintenance are top concerns in terms of employee safety.

So, it appears that things are on the way to returning to “normal” with a few modifications.

If nothing else, this down time has shown us a number of areas where we can improve in our own lives and the things we've taken for granted. Now that we have proper perspective, it's time to get back to work!

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