Reports say that by the year 2020, McDonald's will be doing away with cashiers, and in their place, replacing them with Self-Service Ordering Kiosks.

According to an article in Forbes magazine, there are already restaurants like Chili's & Panera, that already have them. Not only that, but there's a robot hamburger-flipper named "Flippy", that's being used in some places.

My only question is, as a "Drive-Thru Connoisseur", how will this affect me placing my order thru the Drive-Thru window? Will there be a LIVE person manning the window? Or will there be a Self-Service Ordering Kiosk placed by the Drive-Thru window where I'll be punching in my order?

In any event, it's coming. So get ready for it.

And to those Fast Food Workers who were demanding $15.00 an hour? It looks like McDonald's and other fast-food places are giving you their answer by introducing this technology.

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