Many people think that "The King Of Pop" Michael Jackson died back 2009. However, I'm here to tell you that Michael Jackson is still alive and well, and that he's actually WRESTLING out in Las Vegas!

Ok, maybe that is wishful thinking. Michael is no longer with us, but at least we'll have his music forever. However, there IS a Michael Jackson impersonator who is among the living, and not only is he making a living as a Michael Jackson impersonator, he's also dabbled as a Professional Wrestler!

The guy's name is Santana Jackson, who regularly performs as The King Of Pop at "The MJ Live Show" at Las Vegas's Stratosphere Hotel, and at other events. But during a Future Stars Of Wrestling event in Las Vegas this past Thursday called "Beers & Bodyslams", "M.J." climbed into the squared circle, and perfectly executed the dreaded "Moonwalk DDT" to current FSW Tag Team Champion Jorel Nelson!

Check it out for yourself!

I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by MJ's "Moonwalk DDT", or the guy wearing the "Whitesnake Live 2003 Word Tour" T-Shirt in the front row!

In any event, if he hasn't already, Santana Jackson needs to re-name this wrestling maneuver as "The Smooth Criminal" :-)

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