This Mississippi mother recently witnessed a sight that no parent ever imagines they would see. She witnessed her child lifeless in the street.

Mississippi police officer Laquandia Cooley didn’t know that this call she’d respond to would have her encounter her worst nightmare. Upon responding to a shooting call, Cooley found her 20-year-old son Charles Stewart Jr. dead as a result of a gunshot wound.

Cooley spoke to WLBT saying, “We initially responded to the call not knowing, when I made it over there, the person was going to be my son that was laying there.”

As a parent, I could not begin to imagine how she must’ve felt. You think you’re just doing your job, responding to a call and you run into a dead body. You’re probably thinking, “This is another sad situation for someone’s family,” then you see that it’s your child! Wow.

“As we get out, I look and I was like, ‘This is my son, this is my son.’ So, I literally just go into a breakdown, you know? Like, why? Who would do this to my son?” Cooley told WLBT.

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Stewart Jr.’s father, Charles Stewart, says his son was a good person who got along with everyone.

“It’s traumatizing for the whole family,” Stewart told WLBT. “We’re just trying to cope day to day. Just trying to figure out why this happened and who could have did this.”

I really hope this mother, father, and family can recover from this traumatic experience. Some serious healing will need to be done after going through something like this.

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