‘Tis the season for Christmas present shopping. I mean, Oprah has her favorite things. Then, I can have my favorite Alabama things. They also make great gifts at any time of the year.

I love candles. I received a Jones Valley Huntsville Home Soy Candle as a gift from a friend. I can’t live without it. It has a blend of honey and citrus that is truly amazing. It is a hand-poured candle that is natural soy and made in Huntsville, Alabama.

Alabama Dirt Shirts are a total win. They make great gifts too. It’s not just a regular t-shirt but dyed with 100% Alabama Dirt. It’s a total conversation piece.


My out of state friends depend on me to supply them with Grapico. It is hands down the best grape soda in the world. Period. The next best thing is cupcakes from Dreamcakes Bakery. These cupcakes make for memorable in-person drop off gifts.


Do you want to make me happy? Toss over some Praline Crunch Pecans from the Alabama Pecan Company. I have great memories of this sweet, crunching sensation. You should hear the excitement when my family receives these at Christmas time.

I love to support items made in Alabama. Everything at the Left Hand Soap Company is incredible. There are so many products. Coffee under eye cream will be my next purchase. My favorite soap bar is a tie between Citrus Blend, Lavender Lemon, and Orange Ylang Ylang.

I love supporting local businesses and made in Alabama products. Please turn me on to your favorites. Click here to send me a message on Facebook.

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