We all complain about customer service, about someone who's rude or doesn't care or doesn't follow through with what they promise.  Well, maybe we should take the time to point out when someone does something nice or what's right.

This may be a small thing but it made my day.  Heading home the other night I stopped at McDonald's to pick up something on the way home for dinner.  My wife had a migraine, the 5 year old was hungry and needed to finish her homework and I was tired from another long day putting out fires.  Sound familiar?

I ordered our food at the drive through, drove around and just as I was paying my wife called and asked me if I had gotten the coupon she texted me.  I checked it and it was for 'buy 1 large fries get one free'.  I had only ordered one large fries, but showed the cashier and asked politely if there was anything she could still do.  She went to ask her manager, who came back a moment later.  She told me that they had already rung up the order but she was going give me the second order of fries anyway and just hang on to the coupon and use it the next time I came.

Now, she didn't have to do that.  It wasn't their fault that I presented the coupon late, and I wasn't upset with them at all.  I would have been fine with whatever they decided to do.  It really wasn't a big deal.  But the way they handled it left me with a good feeling, and a little bit of a craving for more fries.  (By the way, the coupon was only for that day so I won't be using it anyway)

Like I said, small thing, but a big thing to me, and it gave me an opportunity to give some credit and praise for good customer service.

Have a great weekend, and please take a minute to share your good customer service story.  Maybe we'll we'll inspire someone!

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