National Chicken Wing Day: Best Wings In Tuscaloosa

Your eyes have not deceived you, today is really National Chicken Wing Day! Whoever thought of this day really had me in mind. Even though I'm a part-time vegan, I still love and enjoy great wings. The question is, who has the best wings in Tuscaloosa?

Upon moving to Alabama, there were a few things that got me excited. I knew I'd get to experience UA Athletics first hand, taste some great barbeque, and most of all, try some delicious wings. I waited a while to try some wings in T-town but it was all well worth the wait.

I've tried wings from Sharks, Baumhower's Grille, and a few other local places. My top 3 might surprise you. I'd have to say that so far, my top three chicken wings have been from Baumhower's Grille, Sharks, and Reggae Flava. Yes, the Caribbean food restaurant. Their jerk chicken wings are the most tender, well-seasoned wings I've had in a long time. Although they've recently opened for business, I've been about 5 times for the wings. Before they had a permanent location, I ordered form the Reggae Flava food truck twice. Yes, I love their food!

I'd have to put Baumhower's Grille at a close second. Their food is amazing and the customer service is A-1. Sharks are definitely on the list! I was told before moving here by my fraternity brother to make sure I got to Sharks. At that point, I had no idea what Sharks were, but I made sure to go the second week I came to town. He didn't steer me wrong! The wings are great and the flavor options are amazing as well.

So now that you've heard my favorite wing places in T-Town so far, I need you to give me your favorites. I want to grow my list. Who has the best wings in Tuscaloosa? Let me know @BigDawgDreDay.

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