Last night, one of the scariest things in my life happened. I thought I would be able to escape this at least until my son's 1st birthday but it didn't happen. The time had come for me to be left alone with the baby. It would be ok if I were left at home with the baby but this was worse. I made a store run and it was just the baby and me!

So there I am, playing with my 5-month-old son on the couch, he's laughing up a storm and having a great time. I thought to myself "This is fatherhood. giving mom a well-needed break from the baby while she creates business plans with her co-worker." Mom was on the phone and could hear all of the loud laughter coming from our son. It was time for me to make the weekly store run for groceries and we had 40 minutes before the store closed. I completed the grocery list and told mom I'd be right back. She surprised me and said, "Take the bay with you, you'll be ok."

At that exact moment, my heart dropped. I thought about how I've never attached the car seat to a buggy before, I wondered what I'd do if he burst out in tears in the middle of the store while the car was full of groceries and I couldn't run out of the store to comfort him. What about COVID-19?! What if he gets hungry? I was terrified! I remained calm, casually placed my son in the car seat, and headed to the store. At this point, I'm nervous, and on a time limit because the store is closing soon. The big test was putting him in the car seat and buckling his belt. If he cried then, I knew I was in for a long trip. I strapped him in, he whined for like 4 seconds and calmed down. As we drove to the store I noticed halfway he fell asleep and it was cruise control the rest of the night. I felt like I was on top of the world!


To moms everywhere, know that Dads are just as terrified as you are about being alone with the baby. I know first hand. It's scary but we have to learn how to be alone with the baby, and most of all YOU NEED A BREAK. I'm thankful my wife was so willing to trust me with the baby in public all during a pandemic. It went great and now I'm ready for my next level of fatherhood! Lol!


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