What have we here? A brand new website for Guns N' Roses and a London area billboard have GN'R fans speculating about what's to come. The newly launched Guns N' Roses site at GNR.fm is currently in teaser mode, with the hashtag #AppetiteForDestruction and the red-lettered warning "Destruction Is Coming." Meanwhile, a new billboard in the Camden area of London features the five skulls of GN'R from the Appetite era that's also promoting the new website. But what does it all mean?

The website has been registered by Universal Music Group, which means it could be related to an upcoming reissue of some sort as Appetite for Destruction is enjoying its 30th anniversary. But there's been speculation by some fans that the fact that Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin have been included in the "skull" billboard that there could possibly be a reunion of the original five onstage at one time.

However, that possibility may not come to fruition. While Steven Adler has returned and played with the current lineup, it appears as though he tired of waiting for the phone to rin, and he recently announced a tour of Australia with Adler's Appetite, his band that plays Appetite for Destruction. Adler has left open the door to return should they want him at some point, but also wants to make sure he pays homage to one of rock's greatest albums. Izzy Stradlin, meanwhile, has yet to appear during the "Not in This Lifetime" run, though he reportedly turned up at soundcheck for a gig but did not stick around to make an appearance.

Adler stated in a recent interview that both he and Stradlin were "heartbroken" over how things have played out with the tour, adding that his main goal was to finish what he had started.

The return of Slash and Duff certainly helped sell tickets as the "Not in This Lifetime" run has become one of the five biggest-selling tours in music history. But fans would no doubt rally around the opportunity to get Stradlin and Adler onstage with the other three at some point before the tour concludes.

Is it a special edition release? Is it a full-on GN'R Appetite era reunion? Or could it be just teasing the next tour leg for the "Not in This Lifetime" run? Time will tell. For now, keep an eye on the website and check out social media posts about the billboard and hold tight to see what it's teasing.

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