This rarely happens, but when it does, chaos pretty much ensues.

A normal day in New Jersey became a crazy one all because of Brinks truck. While that sounds weird, this wan't an empty Brinks truck. It was carrying money, and a lot of it. While driving down the highway, the back door suddenly had issues and it flung open. And out flew all the bills that concealed inside the truck.

What happened next might not surprise you. Reported by ABC7, with the doors open and cash falling onto the highway, drivers took notice very quickly. Many people immediately got out of their cars and proceeded to dash for the cash! Not only was this a bad idea because it caused accidents on the highway itself, but taking the money was illegal! However, others helped recover the money and return it to the Brinks truck so it could continue on its way.

Authorities have given warning to the people that haven't turned in the money that they can still turn in the currency without any issues. However, if that period passes and they haven't turned in the money, they will be guilty of theft. Be smart if you illegally took the money and just turn it in!

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